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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

2 Types Of Fencing To Choose If You Have Outdoor Pets

by Janice Knight

If you have outdoor pets, then a good fence is a must so that you can keep your pets in your yard. Here are two types of fencing to choose from when you need to fence your yard that work well for animals.

Chain Link Fencing

First, chain link fencing is a great option. One of the advantages of this type of fencing is that you can get adjustable pieces. This means that you can do a permanent perimeter fence, and then you can build a small cage that attaches to the fence.

This is convenient if you need to keep your animals in a confined area while guests are over. The adjustable pieces can be removed, lengthened, or switched around to meet your needs, too.

In addition, chain link fences can work well if you add the slats through the chains so that your animals cannot climb the fences. They will also have a hard time getting their teeth around the chains with the slats, which means that your pets will not be able to ruin their teeth.

You may have problems though if you choose a wood fence because their teeth can be quite strong and can rip through the wood over time.

Also, you will not have to worry about urine stains on a chain link fence if you have pets that like to mark their territory, so this is a fairly easy and good option to choose for any type of outdoor pet.

Vinyl Fencing

Second, vinyl fencing is a great choice that works well for all sorts of pets. One of the advantages of vinyl is that you can make the posts spaced out or you can keep the slats side by side so that your pets will not have any way to get out.

Vinyl comes in a variety of colors, it is easy to clean if your pet urinates on a post, and the vinyl does not stain easily. Also, vinyl works well if you have a pet that likes to scratch a lot because it does not look frayed or scratched easily. If you had wood fencing, however, then you would see the claw marks after the pet scratched the wood.

In addition, vinyl creates a clean look and keeps people from seeing your pets, so this allows for more privacy for you and your family.

By choosing one of these 2 options, you can get a fence that is pet friendly and that will work well for many years to come.