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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Artists & Air Compressors? An Unusual Combination That Helped To Win The War!

by Janice Knight

World War II was a war fought without the drones, satellite imagery and advanced technology used today by soldiers to create an effective, long range battle plan.  Instead, soldiers who fought more than than seven decades ago had to get very close to the enemy to gather crucial intelligence that would help them win battles and limit human casualties. With the war raging on foreign soil and limited numbers of troops, weapons and supplies to work with, commanders like General George Patton often had to rely on unique strategies to move the war effort forward toward victory. One of his more creative and successful strategies became known as Patton's Ghost Army. 

A Band of Artists 

While most of the soldiers who served in World War II were young men from the farms and factories across America, the soldiers who would become "ghosts" were selected from art schools in the Philadelphia and New York area. While fighting skills might have been a plus, General Patton was more interested in their ability to create realistic versions of American tanks, jeeps and weaponry. To make the job even more difficult, the soldiers of the Ghost Army had to fashion these items from whatever materials were available, and then assemble them in close proximity to the enemy. The illusion they created had to be convincing enough to provide cover for the real American army to move undetected in another location. 

Unusual Tools for an Artist

With no well-lit studio in which to create their masterpieces, the soldiers of the Ghost Army learned to adapt well. Air compressors, bicycle pumps and even human lung power were used to blow up inflatable tanks that were carefully painted and positioned to fool any of Hitler's spies who might fly over or observe them from a distance with spotting scopes. To augment the numbers of inflatable tanks, these talented artists would spend hours creating cardboard and wooden versions that they could quickly assemble, move and then disassemble as needed. 

To add even more realism, camouflage netting was carefully placed over bushes and mounds of debris to resemble the shapes of a tank, plane or a pile of armaments realistic enough to fool the enemy. Speakers provided a continuous backdrop of sounds that the enemy would believe were made by a massive military buildup. 

A Secret Success Story

Patton's Ghost Army was responsible for staging more than 20 successful missions and saving up to 30,000 lives, yet their story remained secret until 1985. Although modern weapons and technology would make the use of the Ghost Army unnecessary today, these talented men armed themselves with paint and air compressors to help preserve America's freedom for generations to come. If you're looking to purchase an air compressor for your project, visit Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc.