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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Don't Neglect Your Washing Machine: Learn When And How To Replace Your Hose

by Janice Knight

Your washing machine is probably atop the list of most poorly treated appliances around your home. The average person expects their washing machine to work forever without ever taking the time to perform any maintenance.  The reality is that some level of maintenance is required. This is especially true when it comes to a neglected hose.

Failing to update your hose when necessary could cause your once stationary washing machine to become a floating washing machine. Make sure you know when and how to replace your washing machine hose:

When to Replace

It doesn't matter if you purchase a brand new washing machine and move two weeks later, it's important that you replace your washing machine hose after every move. This is especially true when it comes to a rubber hose.  During packing and transport, it's fairly easy for the rubber exterior to get snagged or bent in the process.

While this might seem like a minor issue, water can easily leak from even the smallest of holes. In addition to moving, it's also suggested that you replace your hose at least once every five years. When you consider the high cost of repairs that come with even a minor water leak, paying for a new hose is a minor expense.

Installation Tips

Replacing a hose is a very easy process that can be completed in mere minutes. The first thing you want to do is shut off the water supply for the machine. Next, turn the machine on like you were starting a wash cycle and allow it to remain on for a few moments.

This step will release any pressure inside the hose before you try to remove it and it allows you to ensure that the water supply is actually off. To prepare for any water or grim that might be built up in the hose, place a towel or bucket under the hose and then remove it and replace it with a new one.

Consider an Upgrade

For many years, the only option available for washing machine hoses was reinforced rubber. However, now you have the option of installing a stainless steel hose. One of the primary advantages of this style of hose is the increased level of durability it offers.

Rubber hoses come with the risk of the hose twisting or tearing, which can both lead to potentially costly leaks. Stainless steel hoses are void this type of concern. Stainless steel hoses also are not subject to rusting, which also helps extend their lifespan.

Make sure you aren't neglecting your washing machine. Consider upgrading to a stainless steel hose to ensure durability and longevity. To learn more, contact a company like Liberty Hose & Supply Inc. with any questions or concerns you have.