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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

3 Tips To Care For Band Saw Blades

by Janice Knight

The more you take care of your band saw blades, the better chance you'll have of making the most out of your construction or renovation projects. There are some guidelines that you can use in order to be sure that your band saw blades are taken care of to the best of your ability. Make sure that you take advantage of the information laid out in this article, so that your saw is always used most efficiently. 

#1: Provide Your Ban Saw Blades With The Necessary Lubrication

Since your blade is constantly subject to motion and friction, you need to be sure that you are doing all that you can in order to keep the blade lubricated. The most important decision in that regard is to choose a specialized lubricant that is ideal for your particular saw blade. When you select the proper lubricant, your saw blade will remain cool under the stress of heat and pressure and you'll also be able to allow it to move freely. Consult with a blade repair professional if you have any question about the right lubricant to use. 

#2: Store Your Band Saw Blade With Durability And Longevity In Mind

To make the most out of your saw, you will need to have it in the highest condition for as long as possible. Storage is a key step to making sure this happens. When you store your blade, make sure that it is kept in a place that is free of humidity, or with very low levels of moisture. This will prevent your blade from enduring rust and damage unnecessarily. Keep your saw blades away from hard objects such as concrete when stored, as this can wear them down slowly. 

#3: Learn The Best Ways To Clean Your Saw Blades

In order to keep your blades from dulling or wearing down, you'll need to clean them properly. Never clean your saw blades with wire brush, as this can cause more damage than good. Kerosine is an excellent fluid for cleaning saw blades, but you should make sure that it is stored safely. Further, using soap and water and avoiding harsher chemicals on the blade is always a great idea to follow. 

Use these three tips, and you will get the best performance possible out of your saw blades. Be sure to get in touch with a saw maintenance specialist if you have further questions.