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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Pallet Jack Options To Aid In Your Purchasing Decision

by Janice Knight

If you need to buy a pallet jack for your company's new warehouse, then it is important for you to understand the different options available. Knowing about the various pallet jack options will help you to make the best purchasing decision for your company.

Pallet jacks have options in their:

  • operation type
  • weight capacity
  • wheel configuration

Here is some information on each of these three aspects of pallet jacks:

Pallet Jack Operation Types

There are two different types of pallet jacks:

  • electric pallet jacks
  • manual pallet jacks

Electric pallet jacks are more expensive because they use a rechargeable battery for operation. Typically, heavy-duty styles of pallet jacks are electric, while less expensive, light-duty pallet jacks are manual. Manual pallet jacks have a pump handle which you move up and down to move the forks with a hydraulic lift. To lower the forks back down, you simply push a button and the hydraulic lift will lower itself using gravity.

Pallet Jack Weight Capacities

Pallet jacks are sold in a wide-variety of weight capacities. To decide if your company needs a lightweight or heavy-duty model, you need to first determine what items you will be regularly moving with it. For example, if you will be moving pallets of cut stone products, then a heavy-duty model is the best. On the other hand, if you are moving boxes of clothing or linens, then a light-weight model will serve your needs just fine and will cost your company less money.

Pallet Jack Wheel Configurations

Pallet jacks all have two smaller front wheels and two larger back wheels. The front two wheels are located under the forks and help the pallet jack to better be able to hold the load that it is lifting. The two rear wheels are the steering wheels and are larger in size than those in the front.

Since the back wheels are responsible for your company's new pallet jack, you should understand that the larger the wheels, then the better the turning radius will be. For example, a pallet jack with fifteen-inch wheels will turn much easier and more tightly than one with ten-inch wheels will.


As you can see, there are many options you can choose from when purchasing a new pallet jack for your company's new warehouse. If you have additional questions about pallet jacks, please speak with an industrial equipment retailer in your local area to learn more.