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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Protect Your Kitchen Staff with Flame-Resistant Clothing

by Janice Knight

While flame-resistant clothing has been considered a standard part of the uniform for some professionals, such as fire fighters or welders, some restaurants and other food services niches have forgotten to protect their kitchen staff (and their business) with flame-resistant attire. Having flame-resistant clothing become an expected part of your kitchen staff uniform can be a benefit in multiple ways. 

Worker Productivity

When it comes to staff getting hurt on the job, the kitchen is a place that is filled with potential hazards. Hot liquids, sharp utensils, and damp floors can all be a recipe for disaster, especially in high-speed environments such as short-order service counters. With flame resistant clothing, you allow your staff to do their jobs with confidence and comfort because they know that they have an added layer of protection that most kitchen crews just don't have. When your cooks are not overly concerned with safety issues such as leaning in too close to a gas range, they can remain more focused on producing high-quality, delicious food for your customers. Their increased comfort means high productivity, which translates into more profits! 

Liability Issues

Once you have secured flame-resistant clothing for your cooks and other kitchen staff, be sure to communicate this to your insurance company. When insurance companies know that you have gone the extra mile to keep from having to file a claim for personal injury or structure fires, you are likely to be rewarded with a discount on your premium or an increase in your amount of coverage for the same premium. Be sure to note a time and date to call your insurance company and give them the good news.

A Marketable Switch

When you decide that you are going to clothe your kitchen staff in flame-resistant gear, remember not to hesitate to announce this switch to your customer base as well. Customers can feel more connected to your brand by knowing that you have put in extra effort to care for the safety of the people who work to produce great food for your business every day. Like being environmentally conscious or supporting a particular political cause, showing care and concern for your workers helps make people want to return to your establishment again and again. Social media profiles would be great places to announce switching over to flame-resistant clothing, along with signs throughout your business. 

To outfit your employees in flame-resistant clothing, contact a company like Oil & Gas Safety Supply today.