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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Three Tips For Keeping The Exterior Of Your Portable Crane Sleek And Clean

by Janice Knight

A small and portable crane that's permanently attached to a vehicle is a good option for your business if you need objects moved to moderate heights on a regular basis. This way, you can save money by taking personal care of the vehicle and only renting larger cranes when you actually need them. To keep the exterior of your portable industrial crane sleek and clean, follow these three tips.

On A Hot Day, Find A Garage For The Crane So That The Water You Put On It Won't Dry As Quickly

Especially if you haven't cleaned the crane for a while, your soapy water needs to stay on the exterior for as long as possible for it to completely root out and dislodge small dirt clods. Since the crane's surface will quickly dry out on a hot day unless you constantly add water, it's better to find a garage to put the vehicle in. Even if it's not temperature controlled, the fact that the crane won't be taking direct sunlight will make your job much easier.

Clean The Area That The Crane's Extension Comes Out Of Before You Actually Extend The Crane

To make transportation easier, most portable cranes are designed to only extend to their full length when they're actually being used. The hidden crane section won't generally get as dirty as everything else because it's insulated from the elements. However, as it's coming out, it can quickly collect dirt that's clinging to the part of the crane it has to touch.

Therefore, before you extend the crane, it's especially important to thoroughly wipe down the part of the crane's base that will touch the emerging section. This will ensure that the hidden section doesn't suddenly and unnecessarily get a whole lot of dirt on its surface.

Find A Big Bucket And Completely Soak The Hook In Water

Since the hook makes contact with so many surfaces over the course of a normal work day, it'll get dirty much faster than other crane parts. Therefore, it deserves more attention when it's cleaning time.

Find a bucket big enough to hold the hook, partially fill it with soapy water, and submerge the hook in water for as long as you're able to hold the bucket up. When you're filling the bucket, always remember that the hook will take up a huge amount of space and raise the waterline by a large amount.