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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

3 Things You Might Not Know About Aluminum Seals

by Janice Knight

Open up any bottle of over-the-counter medication and you're probably going to find an aluminum seal. You might think that the seal was placed on the bottle before the cap is screwed on but you'd be wrong.  In most cases, the aluminum seal is actually attached after the cap. So, how do they get an aluminum seal on a bottle after the cap is screwed on? And, why do they need to be sealed? Those are good questions. Here are the answers.

How The Cap Is Prepared

Before the bottles are sent along the conveyor belt to be filled, the caps are processed and prepared for sealing. Each cap is fitted with a thin paper pulp that is placed inside the cap. After the paper pulp is in place, a wax disk is placed on top of it. The wax is used to bond the aluminum seal to the paper pulp.

How The Seal Is Made

After all three items have been carefully placed inside the cap, it's attached to the bottle. From there, the bottle is sent through an induction coil that emits an electromagnetic field. The bottle is heated as it passes through the coil.

The heat melts the wax, which is then absorbed into the paper. At that point, the aluminum seal is released from the cap and lands directly on top of the bottle. The heat then seals the aluminum to the bottle, forming a protective covering. The temperature has to be watched carefully, or the aluminum becomes too hot. If that happens, the seal can come lose.

Why the Seal Is Needed

You might wonder why bottles need to have aluminum seals. After all, they have a cap and they're sealed inside a box. The answer is simple – added protection for you. Prior to the use of aluminum seals, bottles of medication were simply capped and placed inside a box before hitting store shelves.

In 1982, it became tragically apparent that bottles of medication could be tampered with. Seven people, including a 12 year old girl, died when someone placed cyanide-laced capsules inside bottles of Tylenol. Although, the culprits were never found, manufacturers developed a way to seal bottles and protect consumers from purchasing medication that had been tampered with.

Aluminum seals are used on a wide-variety of products, including medication. The next time you open a bottle and you see an aluminum seal, you'll know exactly how it got there, and why.