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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

A Guide To Choosing The Right Toilet

by Janice Knight

The toilet is one of the most important parts of your bathroom. Most people move into a house and just accept the toilet they are given. There are more choices out there though, and this guide will help you choose the best for your home. Hopefully, this informational guide can help you find the perfect toilet for your dream bathroom.

High Tank Toilets

A toilet with a high tank is a vintage looking toilet and has the tank up a lot higher than the seat. This is for people who want their toilet to stand out, because the first time someone uses the bathroom at your house, they're definitely going to notice the difference. It was during the Victorian era that the very first high tank toilets were installed. At the time, the tanks had to be up so high for the toilets to work. This is because the toilets used gravity to build up enough pressure to flush.

In Wall Toilets

The toilet in the wall is the opposite of the high tank with the tank installed in the wall. This option is a great space saver if you have a tiny bathroom. It, however, is a lot harder to maintain a toilet when you cannot get to or see the tank.

Different Flush Systems

There are several ways to flush a toilet.  The most common is a gravity flush system. The water in the tank generates a pressure that flows into the bowl and completes the flush. Another option is pressure-assisted toilets where air forces water into the bowl when it's flushed.

Different Toilet Bowl Shapes

There are three different toilet bowl shapes for you to choose from including compact elongated, elongated, and round-front. Compact elongated bowls were designed to allow you the opportunity to have an elongated toilet bowl that fits in a space intended for a round-front toilet. Elongated toilet bowls tend to be more comfortable for adults and the compact elongated bowl serves as a nice substitute when space for a traditional elongated bowl is a problem.

A round-front bowl is ideal for a bathroom for a small bathroom without much space. This is also the better choice for a toilet frequently used by small children as they there is less room for the child to fall in the toilet if someone in the house forgets to put the seat down.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing a toilet. In addition to just picking the type of toilet you like, you must also consider the space you have to work with in your home as well as the budget you have to spend. To learn more, contact a plumbing supply company.