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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Round And Round You Go! Where The Tank Girth Welder Stops Depends On You

by Janice Knight

A tank girth welding machine is an unusual piece of equipment. It attaches to one piece of a circular or capsular tank, and then it welds on the other half of the tank. The thing is, the welding machine can either be automatic or manual. You definitely want the automatic tank girth welding machine, for the following reasons.

The Size of the Tank Is Irrelevant

Girth welding machines have been known to weld small propane holding tanks about the size of septic tanks and as large as nuclear holding tanks for nuclear plants. The only tanks these machines are not designed to weld are much smaller tanks. That means that you can weld on panels and tank halves with ease, and to your heart's content. 

Automatic Means "Pre-Programmed to Follow the Form"

In reference to welding almost any size tank, automatic refers to the fact that these machines are programmed to follow the edges of the tank where you want the machine to weld. Even when it requires following a curved surface, the automatic girth welding machine has sensors that help it follow the curves of the tank without having to constantly (and manually) move and shift the machine into a new position. It is entirely automatic. 

The Machine Stops When You Tell It To

So, yes, the machine is automatic, but you still maintain some control over it. When you want the machine to stop, you can either hit a manual stop button, or you can pre-program it to stop at "x" degrees trip around. The machine is able to understand the command so that when it goes all the way around an edge and has laid down the liquid metal, it stops. This prevents the machine from continuing an endless loop of welding and gives you and your co-workers/crew a chance to install more panels or tank halves before moving on to the next step.

Automatic Girth Welding Machines Are Entirely Portable

Whether you break these machines down into sections and transport them that way, or you erect their twin towers and transport them on a flatbed, these machines are entirely portable. They are never stationary, and you never need bring the work to the machines. You take the machines to the work site. If you choose to transport them in their disassembled state, you can load all of the parts into a semi trailer for easy hauling.