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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Have An Industrial Boiler? 3 Common Problems And Maintenance Tips

by Janice Knight

If you have an industrial boiler it can be helpful to learn of problems that can go with it. This way you will know what to watch for so you can get the boiler repaired quickly before there is an emergency. To help you, below are three common problems you will find. You will also find information below about maintenance tips to help prevent something to go wrong with your boiler.

Common Industrial Boiler Problems

Some common problems you will find with industrial boilers include:

Burner Not Heating

If your burner stops providing heat, this means the burner is faulty. If you do not get the boiler repaired at this point, the burner will completely stop working and there will be no heat at all. This could be an emergency for your company, especially if you use processes that require heat. Because of this,  you need to get the boiler serviced as soon as you notice less heat.

Combustion Issues

No matter if you use coal, oil, or gas, it is important there is a good mixture of air and fuel to provide the right amount of combustion. If your boiler is having combustion problems, you will notice the output of fuel and air is not correct. At this point you are burning much more fuel than is required to create combustion necessary to create heat.

Boiler Leaks

If you notice any kind of leaks in the boiler, you need to get it repaired quickly. The leaks could be anywhere in the boiler. For example, the tube in the combustion chamber may start leaking. If this is the case, the boiler will eventually stop working at all. Some leaks will require welding to repair them before you can start using your boiler again.

Boiler Maintenance

To help prevent problems from happening you need to provide the right boiler maintenance. Two maintenance tips to get started include:

Clean the Interior

Keeping the interior of the boiler clean will help provide problems like scaling. This is beneficial because scales can grow on internal components causing damage. You should clean your problem at least one time per year. Read the user's manual or contact the manufacturer on how to clean the boiler model you have.

Monitor the Water Quality

It is important that you put high quality water into your boiler so the boiler can provide high quality steam. For this reason, make sure you check the water regularly. One thing that can cause problems is hard water. This is because hard water will make it harder for the boiler to produce steam and cause scales to grow inside the burner.

Talk with a boiler repair service if you need help with any of this.