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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Features To Get In An Oil Well Casing Scraper

by Janice Knight

Casings on oil sites can develop a lot of things inside over time, including paraffin, rust, and scale. They don't have to remain there forever if you clean them out with an oil well casing scraper. If you need said tool to help with this chore, then these features can help out tremendously for what you want to do inside the casings.

Large Blade Surface Area

So that you're not cleaning oil casings for hours and hours, you need a casing scraper with blades that have a large surface area. You'll then have an easier time reaching all sides of the casing from the inside and being more effective when using this tool.

Blade surface areas tend to vary, but you should try getting the largest surface area that you can find. Then this type of special cleaning won't be so hard to complete and that's priceless if you clean oil casings a lot.

Corrosion-Resistant Spring Housing

A lot of oil casing scrapers have a spring-loaded design, which aids in this type of cleaning but the springs aren't as durable as the rest of the materials on the scraper. Thus, you really want to make sure the springs are enclosed in a corrosion-resistant type of housing.

The housing protects the springs while you clean with the scraper, while the rust-proof design prevents the springs from developing rust. You can then rest assured the springs will stay in tact and work just as they're supposed to over the many years you use the casing scraper.

Easy Assembly

There are probably a lot of things you have to do on an oilfield site and as such, you don't want a difficult time putting the oil casing scraper together. Look for one that has an easy assembly rather.

The fewer pieces the scraper comes with, the easier it will be to set up. Click-on designs also help with putting sections together as quickly as you can. If you find a scraper with these sort of elements, you know it can be constructed in no time and that's key if you're stressed on time.

To keep oil casings clean throughout the year, a device known as an oil scraper must be used. How these cleanings go depend on the scraper you choose. If you're cognizant of certain features and design elements, you can find a scraper that leads to stress-free cleaning with amazing results.