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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Two Methods Of Recycling Wooden Pallets

by Janice Knight

Repairing and grinding are two processes that will aid with the pallet recycling efforts that you have decided to add to your 'green' business practices. Various tools, a work center, and machinery will be needed to conduct the restoration or deconstruction steps necessary to repurpose pallets.

Your Company's Needs

Many pallets are constructed of oak and southern wooden pine. The strength and availability of these two wood varieties make them preferred materials for the construction of wooden pallets. Pallets often get dirty while goods are in transit and can endure splintered or cracked boards. Your company's needs reflect upon the amount of goods that are shipped from the premises, the manner in which products are stored within your warehouse, and your budget.

If some customers receive recurring shipments and you would like to reuse some of the pallets that you already have access to, repurposing pallets that you receive via orders that come from your vendors is one way to salvage materials and ensure that they are utilized on multiple occasions.

If there aren't many instances in which the same clients order palletized products and you are mainly concerned about the influx of pallets that you have collected through your company's receiving department, cleaning and repairing old pallets will aid in storing new inventory. Pallets can also be placed through grinding equipment. This will supply you with wood chips, which can be used to landscape around the perimeter of your facility.


If you are going to repurpose existing pallets, a pry bar, replacement wooden slats, an air compressor, pneumatic tools, and a worktable will aid with the revitalization or replacement of materials. A pry bar will be needed to remove damaged wood from pallets that are being repurposed. Wooden slats that are constructed of oak or southern wooden pine can be used as replacement materials. An air compressor and pneumatic tools can be used to remove damaged wood and hardware and to secure new wooden pieces.

If you have chosen to grind wooden pallets that are no longer needed, review some pallet grinder models. A horizontal machine that contains a conveyor belt and a storage area will provide plenty of room for pallets and will streamline the pallet recycling process. All of the wood grinding and storage steps will be conducted with the touch of a button. Once a batch of pallets has been broken down and wood has been cut into small slivers, use the pieces for landscaping purposes.