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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

How To Set Up Metallographic Sample Testing For Success

by Janice Knight

If you need to understand the microstructure of samples as a way to make adjustments where needed, metallographic sample testing is the process you want to take advantage of. Do these things prior to testing and it will work out. 

Select the Right Representative Sample

In order for metallographic sample testing to provide you with meaningful results, you need to make sure the right representative sample is selected and used. That involves careful consideration and assessments on your end. Find out the analysis you want to be revealed from this type of testing, and then refine your samples to one that's going to be compatible with this analysis.

Professional companies offering metallographic sample testing can help you find representative samples if you want professional advice or just a faster selection process. Or, you can just show them a couple and see which samples have the best shot at providing meaningful results after metallographic sample testing is executed. 

Make Sure Deformations are Removed

In order to prepare samples for metallographic testing, some cuts may need to be performed. Regardless of how refined your cutting processes and equipment are, there probably will be deformations. They need to be accounted for and ideally alleviated.

Then your metallographic sample testing will be set up for success. If you don't have the means of removing these deformations in a way that doesn't cause more sample damage, then find a professional company that can help you with this particular part of metallographic sample preparation.

Double-Check for Scratches

Once you finally have your sample prepared for metallographic sample testing, there is one last thing you want to do before you go forward with this testing. That is double-checking for possible scratches. This problem is fairly common with manipulated samples and can show up prior to metallographic sample testing taking place. 

Even if they seem minor, they will interfere with the microstructure analysis that you're able to receive. As such, go through samples that are being tested and make sure there aren't scratches. If there are, you can remove them by using a grinder. Just make sure the correct abrasive is used.

Many meaningful insights can be acquired by putting samples through metallographic testing. However, certain things need to be done to samples before they can actually be examined. Take your time getting these steps down so that when you pay for metallographic sample testing, you're sure it will give you meaningful data.