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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Seven Mistakes To Avoid When A Forklift Needs Repair At Your Facility

by Janice Knight

When you need to have forklift equipment repaired at your facility, it's important that you handle the situation properly to minimize downtime and future recurrences of forklift malfunction.

The following are seven mistakes to avoid when a forklift needs repair at your facility. 

Continuing to use a forklift that needs repair

One of the most important mistakes you need to avoid is using a forklift in need of repair. Even if you have a shortage of forklift equipment at your facility, it's essential that you put a malfunctioning forklift out of service immediately.

If you continue to use a forklift when you know it needs service, you could put your staff members at greater risk of injury. This could open you up to liability risks and compromise the safety of your facilities. 

Neglecting to do your own troubleshooting

If you use forklifts frequently at your facility, you may be able to do some of your own troubleshooting to determine what's wrong.

You might want to make an educated guess on whether you're having an electrical, steering, or tire problem. It's also possible that you might be having a mast malfunction, resulting in a problem with your forklift's hydraulic system. 

Not making it clear that the forklift is out of order

If you don't clearly label a forklift as being out of service, staff members might unknowingly attempt to use it for worksite tasks. That's why you need to clearly mark that a forklift is not working and should not be used until it has been completely serviced and put back in working order. 

Procrastinating about scheduling repairs

Having a forklift that's out of order likely leads to downtime at your facility that cuts into your bottom line. That's why it's important to schedule repairs as quickly as possible and avoid procrastination. 

Failing to record the malfunction

It's always a good idea to keep detailed records regarding the condition and performance of your forklifts and all of your other equipment. Make note of the malfunction to help improve forklift maintenance and operational practices at your facility. 

Not having records available to provide to your forklift repair service

Your forklift repair service may be interested in seeing maintenance and service records for your forklift equipment. These documents can help determine what the cause of your forklift malfunction is. It's a good idea to get these ready for your appointment with your repair service. 

Failing to make necessary changes to operational and maintenance practices

When you experience a forklift malfunction, it's a good idea to determine the cause of the malfunction and correct it if possible. While some repair needs may be unavoidable, others are the result of poor maintenance or operational errors. 

Consider changes you could make to optimize forklift usage at your facility. Contact a company like RDS Equipment, Inc to learn more.