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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Things To Consider When Choosing A Body For Your Work Truck

by Janice Knight

When shopping for new truck service bodies for your work truck, there are some things that can affect the decision and the performance of the body during day-to-day use. Taking some time to consider the options and determining your needs is vital.

Service Bodies

Truck service bodies are rear bed replacement bodies that have toolboxes and compartments on the side to carry tools and equipment. Often they have a cargo area as well, and these bodies are typically used by mechanics, construction workers, or anyone that needs equipment on the job with them. 

Choosing the right service body is often subjective because it can change depending on what you need to carry. If you work in remote locations, it is critical that you have all the tools you need on the truck, so you don't need to make a trip back into town to get the things you need. 

Many times a generator is mounted to the body or put in a compartment so you can power tools and other equipment when there is no power available. Truck service bodies come in many configurations and are made from many materials, allowing you to customize your box for your needs.

Body Materials

Truck service bodies used to be made from steel, and many companies still manufacture steel bodies. However, many companies have begun making service bodies from fiberglass and aluminum to make them lighter and increase weight capacity.

Both materials are strong enough to support the weight of items in the truck, and they don't rust the way steel bodies do. You can paint them to match the truck, and they still offer many different configurations, so you can choose a service body that fits your needs. 

The durability of steel and aluminum service truck bodies is often a little better than fiberglass because the fiberglass can crack if it gets too cold and something impacts the panel. While impacts can also damage the metal bodies, dents can be pulled out. Fiberglass repair, on the other hand, is a little more involved. 

Body Cost

Truck service bodies are often more expensive the more you customize the design, but because there are so many different styles, materials, and designs, the prices vary from one company to the next. Once you find a style you like or that will work for your needs, you will need to talk to the manufacturer or the dealer that sells the bodies to determine the price. 

If you need the body installed on the truck, there is often some cost associated with that, but having the service body professionally installed is the best way to ensure that it is done right and all the wiring for lighting is done correctly.