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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Guidelines For Choosing A Heating Oil Supplier

by Janice Knight

Heating oil is often used in residences that contain a boiler or a furnace. This type of fuel puts out more heat (BTUs) than some alternate fuel types. A residential heating oil supplier may provide comprehensive services or limited services. 


A modern boiler or furnace that is well-maintained can be operated without much concern about needing to hire a service technician. A residence that contains older equipment or that provides housing for multiple families, however, may necessitate a comprehensive service plan that some heating oil companies provide. A basic service plan is one that will rely strictly upon the delivery of heating oil. A comprehensive plan may provide standard delivery services but also offer an equipment maintenance and repair service.

This type of service may involve dispatching a technician to a residence and having them perform an inspection of the oil tank and heating equipment. An oil company may charge an hourly rate that will be added to a residential bill. The company may also furnish materials and other essentials that are needed to maintain or repair an oil tank, a boiler, or a furnace.

Delivery Options

Being restricted to having oil delivered at a set time can be sufficient for those who use a consistent amount of oil each month. A large fuel tank that holds hundreds of gallons of fuel will supply a residence with plenty of fuel for a relatively long duration.

If someone lives at their residence part time or tends to use fluctuating amounts of oil, they may be in need of an 'on demand' service. A company that provides an 'on demand' service may request that customers call to schedule a delivery or go online to request that heating oil be replenished. If an 'on demand' service is sought, a heating oil company's service plan will outline how long it will take to receive emergency heating oil and the monetary fee that a customer will incur for requesting a speedy delivery.

Oil rates may go up during occurrences when emergency heating oil is needed. The fee that a company charges could include a transport surcharge or a fuel surcharge. Companies that provide an emergency delivery service may allow a patron to set up their account based upon a scheduled delivery plan and be receptive to them switching to an emergency delivery as needed. This type of service will eliminate any disruptions in receiving adequate heating inside of a residence. 

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