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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Why The Boiler Isn't Producing Heated Water

by Janice Knight

If you've got an industrial boiler providing heated water to your factory, you need that boiler to keep working consistently. The best ways to ensure that are to give the boiler regular maintenance and fix anything that seems to be wrong. Of those two, the maintenance is crucial because those appointments allow a technician from a boiler maintenance company to spot those small things that you might overlook. If your boiler has stopped producing heat, it could just be in need of extra maintenance.

Too Much Scale in the Boiler Tubes

Minerals in water can precipitate out as the water evaporates, and if you've got heated water running through boiler tubes, you can end up with a lot of scale. The scale restricts water flow and prevents anything from receiving the heat that the boiler is supposed to produce. So, in this case, it's not that the boiler isn't working; it's that the tubes are full of sludge and scale that are blocking the heat transfer. The tubes can be descaled and cleaned out by a maintenance technician.

Blocked Burners or Igniters

If you've got maintenance for the boiler scheduled, have the technician look at the burners and igniters and ensure that none of them are blocked off by soot or anything else. Dirty or blocked burners and igniters are very common sights in boilers that aren't working well. Have the maintenance crew come out and clean those off. Then they can test the boiler and see if anything else is going on.

Hidden Problems Causing Safety Shutoffs

Sometimes there's a problem, but you can't see anything wrong because the problem is hidden and the regular maintenance appointments haven't turned up anything odd. However, in many boiler systems, there's an automatic shutoff option that can suddenly close the whole heating procedure down. It could be that something was overheating, or the shutoff system detected a lower flow of water than usual, which itself could lead to overheating, so these safety systems snap into action when the water flow isn't that strong. Whatever it is, if you find that the safety system is behind the lack of heat, you need to have the boiler inspected immediately. Good maintenance should help you avoid most problems of this type.

If it's been a while since you've had maintenance done on the boiler in your facility, call now and schedule an appointment. Don't let the maintenance go; it's your best defense against needing repairs.

For more information, contact a local boiler maintenance service