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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

Orbital Welding — A Precise Union Of Metal Components

by Janice Knight

If welding applications need to be performed in tight quarters or if isn't practical to rotate pipe and tube sections that need to be welded together, an orbital welding process may be sought. Orbital welding equipment consists of a programmable power supply, a weld head, a coolant system, and an inert gas source. 

Precision And Increased Speed

A certified welder is essential for many complex welding processes. To acquire a clean weld, a welder will need to complete extensive training. An orbital welding process is one in which very little manual labor needs to be performed. The pieces that will be welded need to be secured within the orbital welding machine. A machine operator will need to program the power supply.

All of the other work that needs to be conducted to acquire a clean weld will be performed by automated equipment. Orbital welding equipment is suitable for use in specialized industries where custom parts need to be welded. Orbital welding is often sought when working conditions will not support the welding of multiple parts. An automated welding process will provide precise results. Welding applications can be conducted back-to-back, allowing a manufacturer to yield a high rate of welded products within a definitive timeframe. 

Standards That Should Be Upheld

An orbital welding machine should be operated by someone who has some formal welding training. The individual who operates the equipment will not necessarily need to be certified, since the orbital equipment will essentially be performing the welding process. Before metal components are clamped within a welding unit, the weld head will need to be installed in the equipment. There are various weld head sizes that can be used to join two metal pieces together.

If pipes or tubing are going to be welded, an orbital welding machine operator will need to prepare the metal pieces. Pieces should have a smooth, clean surface. Rubbing alcohol should be used to remove residue from the end of each pipe or tube section. This will support a clean weld, since there will be no residue on the metal components that could interfere with the welding process.

An inert gas type is often used to deter oxidation. The gas will minimize the amount of oxygen that is within a confined space. As a result, the seam where two pieces are being welded together will not become discolored. The manufacturer of orbital welding equipment will furnish a thorough overview of the standards that should be followed when using orbital welding equipment.