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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

How To Make Sure You Get A Steel Door That's Safe

by Janice Knight

Commercial steel doors are strong, but they also need to be safe to use. Buying one from a reputable seller is a start, but you also want to look at how to protect people by the door and how to help the door last as long as possible. All of that works together to make the door as safe as possible to use. 

You Do Want a Window

Steel doors don't have to have windows, but it's a good idea to get one. These glass panes can be customized in size and shape so that you get a good view of anyone behind the door. You don't want to suddenly push the door open and end up hitting someone.

Keep an Eye out for Chipped Paint and Rust

Commercial steel doors are usually painted. This paint can last a very long time, but it's not unusual for it to chip, especially around the edges of the door. Keep an eye out for those, both to ensure they don't expand and become an eyesore, and to ensure the exposed metal of the door doesn't develop rust. Rust will compromise the door, making the metal weaker while also making it look bad. If you start to see rust, you'll need to call whoever maintains the door and have them evaluate how deep the rust goes into the metal. They may be able to sand off the rust and repaint the area, but it's also possible that they may have to replace the door.

Ensure All Parts Have the Same Fire Rating

Many commercial steel doors claim to be fire rated, meaning they can contain flames and not start burning or melting themselves for a specific amount of time. If you get a door whose seller claims is fire rated, and it has a window, ensure the glass is fire rated, too. One big hint is that the glass is wired, meaning that you can see wire mesh inside the glass. The glass also needs to be made of specific types of glass, such as borosilicate. Ceramic glass is also fire rated, although it isn't wired. All parts of the door have to be fire rated for the door to truly be considered fire rated in general.

Steel doors used in commercial settings need to be strong and need to keep people safe. That means finding something that offers the right amount of visibility while withstanding any environmental issues that are thrown at the door. You can also ask about custom options if you can't find what you want in a ready-for-installation model.

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