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Getting Industrial Supplies at a Low Cost

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Professional Injection Molding Over 3D Printed Plastic Parts

by Janice Knight

With advancements in 3D printing, you may want to invest in your own 3D printer to create your own plastic parts and help develop products. While 3D printers can showcase specific molds and styles, you will face a lot of limitations with the technology. As you seek custom plastic parts manufacturing, you will want to find a company that offers injection molding.

The injection molding process comes with several advantages over 3D printing. Learn about those advantages and ways to truly make bulk orders of custom plastic products.

1. Material Options

With a 3D printer, you may run into limitations with the materials available to print with. With an injection mold, you can choose specific plastics that you will use with the materials. You have more options for the base color of the plastic, along with the softness of the plastic. You may want a more flexible plastic for certain applications and a harder plastic for different parts.

The variety of materials will give you a lot of options and give you the opportunity to make the exact plastic part you seek.

2. Process Speed

The 3D printing process can take a long time as the printer works on each section of the design and slowly forms the plastic piece. With injection molding, the molds get injected with plastic and go through a rapid cooling process that can help increase the output of the parts. If you have a bulk order, you can have the order fulfilled much faster than the rate of a 3D printer.

Unless you have multiple 3D printers, you can really only create a single part at a time, dramatically increasing the time it would take to fulfill an order.

3. Injection Molds & Quality

When you create an injection mold, the mold itself will create the same duplicate part each time. While 3D printers will use digital files to create the parts, the printed parts could have slight variations that you may not notice right away. Some of your parts may seem a little off and you cannot go through the same process without the mold that creates the exact same part.

The quality of your final product will improve, especially when you need to make parts that fit into other parts or go with specific devices. For example, if you want a plastic phone case, then you will want to ensure the phone case fits snugly with every device.

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